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Gulf Real Estate Development Company

Gulf Real Estate Development Company

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Building sustainable communities and an innovative environment
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Creating a comprehensive experience for our customers
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Change is continuous, mission is one
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Gulf Real Estate Development

The Gulf Real Estate Development Company was established in April 2006 as a closed Saudi joint stock company. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on innovative real estate projects and establishing a distinguished business model in developing real estate projects in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in order to achieve the aspirations of its customers.



From our selection of a property, through the design, development, implementation and marketing of the project, to the final delivery crowned with promising results and high growth rates.

Accuracy in work

where fruitful achievements, deliberate steps, regular strategies, time that means everything to us in our work sector, and details that do not come in vain, but according to goals and indicators that reflect our accuracy.

High Standards

 The quality of service, product and experience in the real estate development sector comes according to high standards and discipline in providing an ideal and integrated environment for our clients and partners at every stage of the project giving them complete confidence in their choice of our products.


development and management

  • Continuous development of our human and administrative resources to ensure their suitability to the company’s standard.
  • Providing creative solutions that save costs and enhance the concept of sustainability.

Strategic alliances

  • Building fruitful strategic partnerships with (engineers, designers, contractors) whose criterion is credibility to implement our projects.

capital management

  • Achieving good growth rates.
  • Investment risk management.
  • Providing full services that give an added value to the projects.
  • Good property management.

Value Added

  • To provide distinguished, value-added investments to its shareholders and customers in the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


  • Strengthening the company’s financial position by providing cash reserves to support expansions in future projects.
  • We meet the ambitious desire of our investors and avoid the risks of market fluctuations.

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Gulf Real Estate Development Company.

Alrashed Towers
King Fahd Road, Al Bandariyah, Al Khobar 34424

P.O. Box 79777 | Al-Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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