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Gulf Real Estate Development Company


Professionalism, accuracy in work and high standards

Our goal

In line with our vision and mission, we adopt the ownership, management, development and implementation of real estate projects that are of high quality, and of course, we do not forget to focus on innovative modern designs that fit our environment and mimic the aspirations of our customers.

Strategic alliances

The real estate sector is one of the factors enabling economic activity, which is why it is important in our work to build successful, strong and fruitful relationships by choosing
Strategic partnerships with engineers, designers and contractors that meet the requirements of our trusted partners, who in turn have high credibility to implement our projects of choice.

capital management

As a real estate developer with a long history in this sector, we are greatly concerned with achieving good growth rates for the invested capital and keenness on managing the risks of investments by setting strict policies and providing all integrated services that give added value to projects, in addition to good property management and maintaining
Its value over time.

development and management

The continuous development of our human and administrative resources in order to ensure their compatibility with the company’s standards and basic business pillars and the real estate projects’ need for competencies and creative solutions that save costs and enhance the concept of sustainability in which we operate

Value Added

To provide distinguished investments with added value to its shareholders and customers in the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries


In a changing and fluctuating real estate environment, we are keen in Al Khaleejia for Development to strengthen the company’s financial position by providing cash reserves that support expansions in promising future value-added projects in the real estate sector, meet the ambitious desire of our investors and avoid the risks of market fluctuations.

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